Hear By Faith formed in 1998 during rehearsals for a musical that was being put together at their home church.  They were simply a few college age kids who loved to sing.

Over the next years, this young group’s ministry has grown beyond anything they originally imagined.  They have had the opportunity to sing at a concert with The Talley Trio, Greater Vision, Poet Voice, Palmetto State Quartet and the Florida Boys as well as opening for Signature Sound.  Their concert schedule has expanded to include not only their home state of Minnesota, but also Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska.

Through their music and concerts, Hear By Faith strives to provide close harmonies, close fellowship, and most importantly, a chance to spend some time getting closer to our amazing God.

There have been many, many changes to their lives in the last 15 years.  From changes to the members in the group and addition to families to changes in their “home” location.  Through all the changes, God has remained constant.  Isn’t that a reassuring truth to hold on to in the ever changing and chaotic world we live in?